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Nikon MEP 20 – 60 Eyepiece

Key Features

  • For Nikon Monarch Spotting Scopes
  • 20 – 60x Magnification on 82mm Scope
  • 16 – 48x Magnification on 60mm Scope
  • Field Flattening for Sharpness to Edges


The MEP 20 – 60 Eyepiece is an accessory for Nikon Monarch 82ED and 60ED spotting scopes. This high-powered zoom eyepiece features Nikon’s Field Flattener Lens System, which delivers consistent sharpness and clarity across the entire field of view. When mounted to one of the 82mm spotting scopes, the eyepiece has a 20 – 60x zoom range; on the 60mm scopes, the zoom range is 16 – 48x. A wide apparent viewing angle, 40.4 – 54.3° on either scope, provides immersive views throughout the zoom range. Its 16.1 – 15.3mm eye relief permits digiscoping, using the Monarchs’ quality optics and large objective diameters as long camera lenses.

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Warranty Claims & Return Policy

Return Policy

We can purchase our sold goods on following basis:

  • Within 1 to 2 days 5%
  • Within in 5 to 10 days 10%
  • Within 15 to 30 Days 15%
  • After 1 Month 25%

(Condition, Box Accessories also matters on the depreciation)
NOTE : This policy depends upon market situation & its not applicable on accessories

Warranty Claims

  1. Breakage and waterdip are not claimable.
  2. All technical faults are claimed.
  3. No replacement warranty, repair support is available.
  4. Service within the warranty is free yet customer will have to pay for any part replacement.
  5. All kinds of batteries and chargers (original or copy) are not claimed in the warranty

NOTE : Terms and Conditions are applied on both New and used cameras or lenses.

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